As a family, we have always opted to try and encourage our store following to help us make a difference locally.  We have found that in general, most people really do want to help out.  They just need someone to show them how.  We try and keep our drives simple while making the most impact for those that need it.

We pride ourselves on our assortment of charity events to help various locals in need.  Some of our drives include Live $ales on our facebook page to raise money.  The money from these FUNdraiser $ales have helped assist local groups such as Operation Merry Christmas, Oxford Vets Home and more.

One of our most successful and needed drives is our annual Tampon Drive at the historic, local Unadilla Drive-In.  Admittance to this event is a box of feminine hygiene products per person.  These needed items are then donated to the local homeless shelters and food pantries.  This event is always held the Saturday following Labor Day and features spooky Halloween themed movies.  



Another big event is #socktober in which every pair of NEW socks you purchase, one pair is donated locally to the homeless shelter.  Socks are one of the most needed items for the homeless.  Socks are also often overlooked when people consider donating.  This event runs the entire month of October of every year.


Another cause which is near and dear to our families hearts is spaying and neutering feral cats.  Many years ago we encountered a kitten that refused to leave our garage.  (We weren't trying very hard to discourage her). The local shelter was full and we decided to take in this wild and ornery kitten. We have had the pleasure of serving Chimney for almost 17 years now.  She is the heart of our family and she is a constant reminder of how a feral may bloom when taken in.  In an effort to help other felines like Chimney, we teamed up with NY Times best selling author and good friend, Cat Johnson to create the group, I'm into S & N!  (spaying & neutering).  We enlisted Erin Insigna from the Delaware Valley Humane Society and the rest was history.  We sold fun merchandise and even created a calendar to raise money.  All our efforts were rewarded as several local cats were spayed and neutered therefore allowing them a much more safe and humane life span.

Our Chimney approved these efforts as she continues to oversee all areas of operation when it comes to the Roefs family and House of Consignment!