House of Consignment was founded in 2003 by the Roefs family.  It was a big year for us as we welcomed baby Gracie amidst opening our shop.  We followed the old shopkeepers life style of living above our business.  This allowed the 4 children to grow up with Mom close at hand.  They might argue that this was not always ideal.  Especially when they were trying to get into mischief! 

To this day, the family home is above the shop.  The once busy sounds of little feet running amuck upstairs has ended as all the children have grown and moved out.  You will find them still actively participating in various charity drives and functions of their family business.  The youngest of the clan, Jorja and Gracie, can be found working alongside their Mom in the day to day operations.  

We hope you have an opportunity to come visit us at either of our locations and experience our family business for yourself.